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There are also some other guys who seem to have crushes on Tsuzuki. Mostly the ones with Tsuzuki and Hisoka. See you in the next article! Scared by the powers he has no control of, Yuki becomes cold and lonely, but his attempts to stay away from people and stop being a burden to them fails every time.

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The side characters have some interesting moments as well, although they are less developed. So, how does the anime hold up? Kazuya, just like her, is fond of these kind of things, at the point he was elected president of the Shibuya Psychic Research Company a ghost hunting agency although being only seventeen years old. Our narrative opens with a meeting of Shinigami.

Part of it is that it has a lot of comedic moments that are kind of goofy and part of it is that the characters largely face the dark situations with courage and the conviction to solve them. The backgrounds have great details and there are some really strong action sequences.

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It has a strong sense of dramatic tension, with every arc having some good build up and with the antagonists being legitimately menacing. Really, there are no weak links in the cast. However, there is one issue with the action. Indeed, Yuki is just scared to become a burden to other people and does his best to be able to rely only on his own strength instead of others.

The shinigami in charge of that sector, Tsuzuki, is sent to rendezvous with his new partner, Kurosaki Hisoka, and investigate. Some of the special techniques, though they look cool, do get reused without much change.

While there are some dark and disturbing elements to the series, it's really not scary in the slightest. On a side note, Tenzen and Muraki have the same voice actor. As opposed to a series where the characters are always needlessly angsty and it has no impact when things turn serious.

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He's more serious and mature but not to an extreme point. Muraki is the type of villain who is just irredeemable and infinitely hateable. Staff credit for trying to cover all the important plot details of the arcs they look at while leaving room for character moments, but it doesn't always work very well.

Rather like Tenzen from Basilisk, but more interesting. The only major complaint I have about the story is the pacing. Just like Hisoka, Mai is the newest employee of a paranormal agency who will work in couple with a more expert detective, Kazuya, her partner in action. It has a strong narrative, great characters, amazing art, and good performances. If you're a fan of supernatural drama it won't disappoint.

There are several plot elements that get skimmed over or that wind up being inadequately explained or rushed through. Staff took four arcs from the manga and adapted them into a thirteen episode series. Those issues aside, there is a lot that the series does well.

Homicides and grim strange events are the point the two anime have in common, together with the close relationship developing between the main characters while the narration is proceeding. In this sense, among horror anime, that are mainly dramatic, Ghost Hunt is a breath of fresh air. Next week, horror anime month continues with Kousetsu Hyaku Monogatari. Rather like the special attacks of a magical girl anime, power saver apk xdating but in a series that's a lot more serious. Do you want to know what anime are we talking about?

The humour is also used to great effect. Some of the scenes are screwed up and disturbing, specifically the ones with Muraki. There are certainly times where you worry about them, but it really doesn't work as horror when the characters have the power ad will to reasonably be able to conquer the problem. This series has quite a bit of yaoi. Darkness, possession, strange events the main characters has to take care of, Kuroshitsuji has all of that and even more.

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Hayami Show gives a very intimidating performance as Muraki. Yami no Matsuei is a really good series, in spite of a few issues. Then, keep on reading the article, because we have a list of anime similar to Yami no Matsuei that we are sure you will fall in love with! After their meeting, Kazuya will forcefully hire Mai as his assistant on the pretext she needs to pay him back for one of his cameras she had broken before.

There are some really good performances in this. It's used to wind down from tense moments or for character moments before the action starts rising so it doesn't clash with the tension. Yuki reminds of Hisoka in many ways, from his appearance to his introverted personality that makes him act as an unlikable person, at least in the beginning. Others are really heart-warming and adorable.

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Hisoka plays perfectly off of Tsuzuki. The music is nice and atmospheric. The series also does well at developing the characters who need help from the shinigami so that you do get invested in them and hope for them to get out of their situations safely. An important part is also played by their activity, being them sort of detective-like shinigami busy with both afterlife and the living world affairs. Which helps make the dark moments more intense.

Particularly characters like Muraki and Tsuzuki who have distinctive eyes. As such, the two complement one another very well. Watari and Tatsumi are both really good characters with some great scenes. There are some really great characters in this series.

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