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She switches the picture for a picture of her taken that morning and wishes she could go back to that morning right before midnight strikes. Abby and Krista stop competing and work together to make Jay Student Body President, charlyne yi michael cera dating paper heart fulfilling his dream.

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Anna Mae Routledge

Celeste saves Abby's wish list, but the family is unable to go back inside their house until the wasps are exterminated. She also realizes that Jay wanted to be Student Body President all along.

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Abby then realizes that the candles correspond to the wishes on her wish list. Abby and Krista have a joint birthday party.

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Abby realizes Celeste is a magical being. Desperate, Abby returns to her apartment, where Celeste appears. Abby talks to Krista, and realizes that she is on good terms with her in adulthood. Regretting her wish, Abby unsuccessfully tries to make new wishes and change some.

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However, Jay is unable to help her. She restores Jay's memories that they are best friends by showing him the necklace he gave her. Abby's life then goes back to normal. Abby throws her wish list away and gives her money to Mike for a guitar. Abby tells Jay that she has no more wishes, and they kiss.

Her parents and her brother Mike surprise her, but she rejects them. Abby makes more wishes, causing her to beat her nemesis Krista Cook in a volleyball match, and become Student Body President. Celeste then turns into a fairy and flies away. Abby lights the first candle, her first wish, meeting celebrity Joey Lockhart, is fulfilled.

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Then begins the first of many unusual occurrences, each involving visits from a peculiar woman, Celeste. She keeps a list of wishes that she wants to come true. They are followed by Krista, who takes Jay's wallet when he drops it. Her parents buy her a new apartment and leave her to live on her own.

Celeste explains that Abby must wait to make new wishes within new hours, and that at midnight Abby's candles expire and the wishes she made will be permanent. Out of the car comes Celeste. Abby unsuccessfully tries to make a third wish. Abby lights up the eighth candle and her wish for a red car is fulfilled. Abby's best friend Jay Kepler appears and offers Abby his jacket.

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