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How to join an existing Wi-Fi network in client mode Learn how to join an existing Wi-Fi network in client mode. You should hear your music from iTunes. When this happens, you have successfully connected the Airport Express to your home network!

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If you would like these devices to connect to your network over Wi-Fi, you can use an AirPort Express to act as the bridge. Connect the Ethernet cable to the router on one end, and to the Airport Express unit on the other end. After the AirPort Express completes the restore process, choose it from the Wi-Fi menu in the upper-left corner. The light will glow solid Amber for about seconds while it starts up, then blink Amber.

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Do yourself a favor, toss that user manual aside and run these steps. While you might think you did something wrong, you actually were successful! Enter the password to this network if required. Go to your audio receiver, and connect it to the channel for your external connection to the Airport Express unit. Before you begin, make sure that your AirPort software is up-to-date.

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AirPort - Official Apple Support

The very last step will ask you to save the settings to the Airport Express. This can make you think you need to buy another piece of hardware to make it work. On the lower right, you will see a dropdown for Speakers, and it should be defaulted to My Computer. You only need to go through this wizard once, and when finished, the software will tell you that can now use iTunes with your Airport unit.

Unfortunately, Apple's user manual is very unclear how to connect Airport Express to your own network. Plug the AirPort Express into a power outlet. Unplug your Airport Express, indianapolis matchmaking service and disconnect the Ethernet cable from your router and the Airport unit.

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This will no longer be needed. Additionally, client mode can be used for AirPlay music streaming from a computer running iTunes to a sound system.

Then this solution is for you - read on. Go to your desired location where you want to plug in your Airport Express unit.

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This is much like the user manual describes - and you should be good to go form here forward. In client mode, the AirPort Express is used exclusively by the device to which it is physically connected. Allow the AirPort Express to restart.

Once that is connected, then plug in the Airport Express unit. Before plugging it in, connect your Audio cable from the Airport Express to your audio receiver. Once you open the program, it should detect the Airport unit. At this point, the unit is ready to operate. Say you already have your own home network set up, and all you want is to be able to use AirTunes to play music off iTunes into your speaker system.

Plug in your Airport Express unit to the wall this will not necessarily become its permanent location - you will be able to move it later. Open the Airport software - you should now have a listing for your Airport Express unit in the upper left. At this point, the on-screen wizard will present you with your options, and walk you through the setup. Nice - but no one really tells you how to set up the Airport in client mode.

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