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Becky thought she and Shelli were embarking on a plan to backdoor Audrey. James made a terrible move going after Shelli and Clay. Since he's been evicted, Clay has put in time with Shelli's family, meeting her brother, and he's got their date night nearly ready to go. And if Clay and Shelli keep up their more-than-cordial attitudes towards Audrey, one of the loosest cannons in the house, zeus dating site australia you might as well put giant red blinking targets on all their backs. Do you think Shelli and Clay walking so close to Audrey is a good thing or a bad thing?

She talked Liz into falling off the apple. But it was a close one with the latter's maple syrup bacon mac and cheese with a corn flake crust. Julia's one regret was listening to Vanessa mid-Veto during Bowlerina to pick Austin to compete against.

He's very funny, very charismatic. The best place to be is the bottom of an alliance. Maybe Chopped will wanna come to us!

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Though he had said he wouldn't vote for Vanessa after she put him and Meg on the block, James said he definitely would've voted for her had she made the final two. You knew what she was gonna do. He kept telling me he'd take Vanessa. People say he wasn't bold in the beginning.

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The root of his randomly inserted Diary Rooms about Becky is not that juicy. She got Austin to nominate me and Johnny Mac up because she didn't like us getting too close. Drunk or not, people are making too big of a deal about it. It's not like we left the house.

It's weird how things get started like that. It wasn't Steve's mist and that's why I didn't take her. You forget a lot of things. And undoubtedly forever will be. Apparently they made it seem like I didn't like her.

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She didn't want to wear the crown. Steve felt more emotionally bent out of shape by what he did. When you're out, you're out.

No, he's not talking about takeovers. The Furless Bat is trying to stop.

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Potball, you're throwing the balls in the pots and they're bouncing out whereas in beer pong, it would stay in there. It takes a more evolved person to go in and not have to brag and need approval from other people. All it did was unite my group.

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You need to make the mac and cheese. We're really good friends.