Art Of Murder Game

Learn that Alvarado was in town during the murders but has now left for Cusco. The Hints feature shows the exits or change screen area in the game screen. Labels of items are seen on top of the game screen.

Art of murder game

Take keys hanging on left window frame and the prop at bottom window frame. Enter the main attraction of the Chambers of Horrors and see the cars. Look around and note potting soil, vases and statue. Go left at other end of bridge and be at a wrecked jeep. Now let's make a ladder with what we have.

Yeah, that's the right place! Use the whiskey label on the full whiskey bottle. Turn the switch at left to on position. Then when numbers are entered, click on the phone button. But remember the turbine cover will block the laser path.

Art of Murder FBI Confidential walkthrough

Look close at barrier top. Go downstairs, try to exit and Nicole calls Nick. Enter the control-projection room.

Talk to Dick and update him on the evidence. Look close at the counter left of the refrigerator.

Art of murder game

In inventory, use the spray bottle on paper towel to get soaked towel. Slide the cover off using the handle and see that window is dirty. Put together the fragments to see a complete seed. Press the button and pick up the air gun.

Art of murder game

The Game Settings has volume control for music, fx, western stationary dialogues and master. The Options has sound and graphic settings. The sheriff took his bag and inside is his mojo. Go inside the pyramid and see plants growing.

Art of Murder 3 Cards of Destiny walkthrough

Talk to Wang, the lab technician. In inventory click on deck chair to get deckchair canvas. Talk to Wang about the evidence analysis. Nicole leaves and drives to the power plant.

Go to bench at right close to the wall. Move Nicole left of the boxes closest to the door.

Exit the lab and talk to the expert. Go to the bottom left screen and check the door. Nicole needs to use the database.

Go to storeroom's workbench. Look close at the air conditioner. At the landing, look close at the floor in front of the radiator. Look inside the truck and release the handbrake.

Go down to the bottom of the screen. Look close at the calling cards and find out that these are Nick's. Look close at crane-bomb and power box autosave. Check the plane ticket to Cusco, the torn page of the yearbook, car accident photo, another lanky guy picture and a picture of Alice Dickinson.

Look close at right binoculars. Her name and serial killer is circled in red. Enter the office and look around.

Learn that the old knife is in a drawer. Check the boat to get a close up. Exit the room and enter the door to the courtyard.

Use the different keys on the bottom left ratchet to see which one will stop-hold the big gear. The window closed leaving Nicole stranded on the ledge. See that the knives are in pairs but one similar to the sketch is missing. Go back to the office which is the door on the left. Take rusty bolt from metal box.

Take picture of the newspaper with murder on headlines. Listen to Nicole's psychological profile of the murderer.

Go back to Reading room and talk to the librarian about the found microfilm. Check the closed door of the tenement. The map is marked showing the path from the town to the lodge. The joystick moves the robot arm.

Dick Parry wants to wait while Nicole wants action. The phone has contacts, dialogs, documents and diary. Open the door and see that the blind is still down and that lever doesn't hold it up.