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It was alleged that he had gone through facelifts, cheek implants, eyelid and nose jobs. Until today, he has been active in the group and has been touring the world with them. You can translate it with chrome. His active contributions, creativity and exceptional music style have kept the band group under the spotlight for a very long time now.

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In order to achieve this, Rose relocated to Los Angeles in to pursue a career in music. That being said, he did say This I Love is about multiple women, so it shows how he has had these extreme feelings of love before and since. This is my last post as I've done what I needed to.

The anguish in those songs is indicative of some pretty strong feelings. Being the last standing member of the band, Rose legally adopted the band name and started gathering new members that will fill in for the members that had left.

There was some interview in Chinese Whispers where it said he would shut down for weeks around the time of Seymour's birthday. This is so dangerous for Axl. Just like a rolling stone that hit the rock, the couple broke up not long after their engagement with claims of assaults, rascality and misunderstandings. Following his undeniable passion for music, he worked extra hard to develop himself and also sang in different voices at the time.

He seems like a normal guy to me, leading a normal life but smart enough to live well under the spotlight. It could be about anyone, Axl somehow managed to disappear from the world, fool everyone and live his own way.

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