The game will become harder

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Assassinlike can lock single enemies

With his bore shot allowing you to hit multiple enemies you can hit hard both from far with a sniper or up close with a shot gun. Probably one of the best characters for playing solo. She also has skills that abolish the need for aiming providing you have the ammo to back them up.

Focussing on the right tree elemental damage can destroy waves of enemies within seconds, but lacking any valuable possibility to keep bosses at bay e. Gaige more so than Axton as her Deathtrap is mobile and somewhat intelligent.

Assassinlike, can lock single enemies or deal huge damage to certain enemies e. Also, a rough rider build on her is completely overpowered and makes her almost unkillable. Basically letting your robot fight all the hard stuff for you. He is literally a walking tank if played with the rough rider and the skill crisis management.

Also a rough rider

Gaige is good as well with her deathtrap comes in handy when you are down or when you need that extra damage. Needs backup of a good team or at least a heal siren. He is regarded as a more specialist character, however. Amongst all the characters I prefer Zero, Gaige or Axton, depending on how u wan to play the game.