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The album achieved high sales

Due to the departure of the singer to another company, Musart did not promote this album, which resulted with sales lower than her previous albums. Melody released the soundtrack of the telenovela Lazos de Amor with good sales and good airplay through Latin America and the United States. This album was the first for Sony Music in ranchera music, besides it was the returning of Lucero to the studios after her first pregnancy. In Mexico, they reached the double platinum, becoming one of the best selling albums of ranchera music.

This perfume has sold many pieces in Mexico that is still available by Fuller Cosmetics. The album earned the platinum status in that country. She combined work with academic studies, also taking singing and dancing lessons. She made television spots promoting rates, coverage, cellular models and wireless internet. This was her second and last live album to be released to the public.

The album achieved high sales, earning the gold and then platinum status in Mexico. Love Fever along with one of the most sought-after male singer of the decade, Luis Miguel. She actedd next to her now ex-husband, but then friend Manuel Mijares and the comedian Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo.

Love Fever along with

Bimbo called Lucero to be the centerpiece of their familiar campaign to promote its healthy and fresh bread. She showed great maturity in the interpretation of the songs produced by Rafael Perez Botija. She has led the Telethon year after year to date, being the hostess of the event. The album achieved gold status in Mexico and high sales in Central America. Lucero decided to take this play since she rejected to participate in the telenovela Amor real.

The focus of this campaign was only for Mexico. An elegant fragrance within a diamond-shaped container that represents exclusivity and style. In the same year she received five awards for Best Singer for her work Con mi Sentimiento.