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Biografia de pirron de elis yahoo dating

His doctrines were recorded in the writings of his pupil Timon of Phlius. Today Pyrrho's ideas are known mainly through the book Outlines of Pyrrhonism written by Sextus Empiricus. Pyrrhonism fell into obscurity in the post-Hellenic period.

His doctrines were

Unfortunately these works are mostly lost.

Regardless, several centuries after Pyrrho lived, Aenesidemus lead a revival of the philosophy. Philosophers of the time used his works to source their arguments on how to deal with the religious issues of their day. Some elements of scepticism were already present in Greek philosophy, particularly in the Democritean tradition in which Pyrrho had studied prior to visiting India. This resurgence of Pyrrhonism has been called the beginning of modern philosophy. The sources and the extent of the Indian influences on Pyrrho's philosophy, however, are disputed by some.

Today Pyrrho's ideas