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She will not express emotions at all, she never nags and gets annoyed when I do. She's competitive and loves sports.

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So female productivity is sharply on the rise. Of course, this is not for everyone, but I do think everyone should give it serious thought at some point in their lives. And no amount of campaigning or awareness-raising will change these things. This is what we call gender roles.

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Im still trying to give her what she says she wants but I'm having no success. It was initially very scary being in this relationship beacuse I had always fought this in myself but she is so masculine that couldn't fight it anymore. Contact Author Being a woman or being a man used to mean that you had a certain code of behavior that you had to follow especially when interacting with the other sex. She makes me feel safe and I make her feel protective.

Women are averagely better educated and better qualified than men so this trend will continue and perhaps accelerate. One of the problems in the modern dating world stems particularly from a lack of clear rules of engagement. She is very practical and even approaches her more feminine hobbies like fasion with a stanch practicality. But some gender codes remain with us and are unlikely to change anytime soon - particularly those that have an evolutionary background.

So dating is a lot more complicated - but that also makes it more exciting because there is much more diversity of dating partners. That freedom of choice gradually disappears as you get older. Reply Anonymous I'm in an even more extreme one now and it is the best thing to ever happen to me. She wants to be the more feminine sometimes.

Of course, the gender roles would vary across different cultures and across different generations. She has a massive sex drive and even though she is ussually on the bottom she is always the dominant party not in a kinky way.

But you have to wonder, with regard to what I said about men being defined by their productivity, what the implications might be for men. Men had to be this way and women had to be that way.