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C14 dating dinosaur bones in texas

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The Triceratops and Hadrosaur femurs were found in popcorn clay. It has demonstrated both the technical competency and management system requirements necessary to consistently deliver technically valid test results. This objection is based on the writer's belief in long ages of millions and billions of years. In other words the ratio of formation of cosmogenic C is not known in the past. We cite three references as possible indicators of this probability.

But its truth is indisputable. Triceratops and Hadrosaur femur bones in excellent condition were discovered in Glendive Montana, and our group received permission to saw them in half and collect samples for Carbon testing. This was the very first sample from either bone that was dated so it was apparent that more experimental testing would be required. Modern cells do not assemble themselves from preformed constituents, and they would not have done so in the past. In short, the excuse was a hocus pocus, laboratory trick to avoid the obvious conclusion that dinosaurs and man lived together.

He ran the Microscopy Imaging Facility with its three electron microscopes, personally training students and faculty on their proper use. Another sample of about thought to be grams had been sent in before Hd. Startling results came back. Adventures Unlimited Press, U. When wood, fabrics, leather, human bones and teeth are carbon-dated, we already have a multitude of independent evidence that gives us some idea of about how old these items are.

This is recommended by a carbon-dating laboratory specialist. Armitage supervised the installation of the new microscope. The bones might be only thousands of year old, not millions. According to the authors K. This was news to him, and contradicted prior statements and documents from the university.

Carbon dating at this facility is certainly the very best. Discovery of America's Heartland.

Ernest Kwok was made chairman of the committee overseeing the microscopy lab, and became Armitage's new supervisor. He dismounted and dug out of the ground the hewn stones as well as a few ceramic pieces.

There are a number of outlines of the skeletons in the standard literature but only one fleshed out reconstruction that I have ever seen. John Tierney took a half dozen samples of Julsrud ceramics of different clay composition to a team of experts at Ohio State University. The accuracy of carbon dates depends on whether the ratio of Carbon to Carbon was the same in the past as it is today. Both these approaches are invaluable in increasing confidence in the reliability of a date. The panel hired Armitage despite his creationist writings because of his exceptional qualifications.

Ernest Kwok was made chairman of

Unfortunately that attitude is still prevalent to this day. First, different chemical fractions can often be extracted from the same sample, and enough to permit repeat dates to be made if the first measurement is suspect in any way. One of their team members, E. Anyone who challenges the established truth is made an enemy. This is mainly due to the nature of bone, which is a very porous material.

It is hoped that this paper has stripped away some of the confusion by showing that the time line for the extinction of dinosaurs appears to be similar to that for many megafauna. Carbon dating of bone is one of the most difficult tasks in carbon dating, and requires the most care of any carbonaceous material. They are reproduced below. When a few ceramic fragments were found there, Julsrud hired diggers to excavate. Soon Tinajero had a wheelbarrow full of ceramic pottery that had been excavated on El Toro Mountain.

There is a sidenote to this story. It contains much volcanic material such as bentonite, or clays such as montmorillonite or vermiculite. Facts are stubborn and immutable things. The point is it is an absolutely perfect representation of Brachiosaurus, known only from East Africa and North America.