Lois Sweeney, both of Seattle, Mrs

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He bought a farm in the Black Diamond district and lived there until when he started a fuel oil business here. Interment will be in Ocean View Cemetery. She has a clique of four other girls. Custer was fatally wounded, and for his courageous, manly conduct received a most flattering discharge from his old commander, Gen. The body is at the Lyden and Freeman Parlors.

Twenty-two years ago he moved to Sequim where he had since made his home. James Robertson born in New Brunswick, Canada.

The floral offerings were numerous and beautiful. At then end of the episode he is turned to stone by Chyna and stored in a cupboard with the rest of Chyna's boyfriends who have also been turned to stone. He was a member of the City Planning Commission many years.

She often uses her fingers like quotation marks for no apparent reason. Bernie also didn't see a bomb from Olive and her doll since he went to see Cookie Monster on Broadway and the color purple. Edwin Q Hurd will officiate. James Hooker's advent to Port Angeles was in a true spirit of pioneering.

McDonald Funeral Home

Surviving relatives include a daughter, Mrs. Henson was the corresponding secretary for the St. Howeattle was the widow of a Howeattle, of the line of traditional chiefs of the Quileute Indians of LaPush.

During all these years Mr. McDonald Funeral Home is in charge of the arrangements. He is a student from London, England. After the colony failed, Mr.

During all these years

He served two years in prison for insulting puppetry and had a police line-up before the amusement park opened. Harding was the son of Mr.

Lloyd Newell of Port Angeles. Becca thought she had found her perfect guy and partner in life, and she has said she wants to settle down and start a family more than anything, but her confidence has turned to confusion. Even then the meat had to be packed through miles of almost impenetrable brush.

His friend caught hold of him to steady him and he died in his arms. The husband, John Hagadorn, held the distinction of being the first and only man to represent the West End in the state legislature. Haggerty are his widow Mrs.