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Irish Parliament forbids English-Irish marriages. It utilised the Persian distinction between good and evil, so source of the tree with left and right sides is the Kabalistic dualism, plus a host of intermediate divine beings. Confiscation of the lands of Charles the Bad in Normandy. Nichiren establishes the Hokke-shu Lotus Sect of Buddhism. See Giles Milton, Nathaniel's Nutmeg.

Louis X is King of France. The Black Death of Europe. Was Hungary annihilated by the Mongol invasion? He makes a treaty with Alfonso X of Castile.

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Saint Catherine of Sienna encourages Pope Gregory to start yet another crusade. Bubonic plague and civil war combined kill half the population of northern China in decades ensuing. August, Departure of Crusaders for Holy Land.

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They accept tribute gifts meant for the emperor and in are charged with treason. Hulagu, grandson of Genghis Khan, founds Mongol kingdom of Persia. Possible first recorded European contact with China after Mongol Empire allows use of safer travel through Asia.

One of the earliest dates for reference to use of a clock, at Church of Saint Gothard in Milan. The first sentries of dreaded Mongol forces appear at the north and north-eastern passes of the Carpathian Mountains. Mongols also manage to attack both Java and Japan. Later Marco married and had three daughters. Walter attempts to be rid of the Catalans, varicocele surgery cost in bangalore dating as their costs reduce his treasury and they oppress his subjects.

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Great Famine in Western Europe. Its population decimated, its towns reduced to ashes, and its villages razed to dust, the country survived. Mongols ravage Iran and kill two-thirds of the population. They became large-scale manufacturers of chocolate.

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Black Plague arrives, halves population of Europe in years. Death of Mustansir, his son Mustasim succeeds. Swedish expedition to Finland. English destroy French fleet at Sluys. Isabelle Brienne, who sold remnants of the Duchy to Venetian interests.

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Pope Clement V begins residence at Avignon, France. Treasurer of the Temple is Hugh de Pairaud, Visitor of the Priory of France and apparently receiver and warden of the French royal revenues. In it was reunited with the Greek Empire. Marco Polo suggested that such emissaries went as far as Madagascar off Africa.

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Kenmu Restoration Godaigo disposed by forces of Ashikaga Takauji. First papal palace built at Avignon. Brasch, How Did Sex Begin? The Merinids finally withdraw from Spain. Genghis Khan's hordes have killed two-thirds of the Persian population - the Khan's descendants however become Moslems.

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Marco Polo returns home from his travels to China. The Mongols enter Damascus.