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And then in the last kilometre two of my teammates brought me to the front on the second-last corner. However the bunch was very close and reeled in the break a minute later.

We just caught them literally on the line. Cigala was best county team rider in second, a superb achievement for an amateur rider, while Ghys and Rathe were third and fourth past the line. Early on there will be the category two ascents of the Pass of Keimaneigh and Gortnabinna, plus a later category three climb near the finish.

Potts, Ryan and Lavery were next there. McKenna had expected to lead out other riders from the Ireland Holdsworth Pro Racing squad, but a gap opened behind him and he proved best in the tailwind gallop to the line. Bugter pushed on and caught his teammate Bax, with the duo then being joined by Ghys.

The Bible tells Christians that God is infallible, and Christians believe the Bible because they believe it was written by an infallible deity. This aspect of evangelicalism continues to be seen today in the proliferation of evangelical voluntary religious groups and parachurch organizations. He said he was motivated for the days ahead. It looked like Thiery might be able to save his race but the leaders accelerated again.

Shelden was riding well and bridged up to the break on the next climb, the category one ascent of Healy Pass. There will come arguments from Christians that while God is infallible, and the Bible is the true word of God, the Bible was in fact written by man, who is fallible. However the bunch then accelerated and hauled them back.

The pressure began to tell on those in the break. So fair play to him, I would say he definitely did the ride of the race. Sparrow also slipped back, with Mitchell continuing alone. This extracted a toll on him and after kilometres of racing, he started to weaken and looked like he might be dropped.

The day was marked by several hours of rain. The peloton then turned off its efforts. Sensing a chance to gain time, five riders attacked the peloton. That would have meant that humans lived on earth before God created either humans or the earth. Six others bridged across, but the ten man group was then recaptured by the bunch.

To be fair

Jeffers realised that it was impossible to catch eight riders solo and sat up. The increased speed and intensity led to Rounds and Ryan being dropped from the break.

After the summit, those six leaders remained out front. The general classification remains completely unchanged for the first eight riders, and there are only minor reshuffling of places for those just behind. For me it was quite an easy day. They were caught soon afterwards.

To be fair, I was with a lot of stuff and just in the right one that stuck. The peloton then gradually increased its pace. He quickly dropped the group and pushed on alone.

The peloton then gradually