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The architecture is Indianinfluenced

The Parliament is surrounded by gardens that form a peaceful getaway from the chaos of the city. The architecture is Indian-influenced.

It revels in its eccentric reputation for opening only at certain times and only cooking a certain amount well below demand Hotel Star Thathari bazar, Near Nawabpur Bazar. There are thousands of small stalls intersected by narrow walkways which are often jammed with people. Always ensure you walk on the footpath, or if one isn't available, as far to the side of the road as possible.

The Parliament is surrounded by gardens

For vegetarians, and especially Hindus, beef-free restaurants can be a bit difficult to find, but there are few Indian restaurants where one can get vegetarian food in a beef-free environment. If you go shopping in the street bazaars and markets, ready to bargain then there are certainly bargains to be had among the bazars and markets of Dhaka. You can get traditional Thai furniture, modern Thai furniture or typical modern or traditional Western or Asian furniture up to you. Cameras and bags must be left in the storage room. Cozy interior and delicious local and chinese food.

By bike Edit Many locals often use bicycles as a primary form of transport. The food is good and they serve decent local stuff. Since it was converted to a fully air-conditioned train, it has become very popular. Mohakhali bus station is for buses to and from areas north of Dhaka, including Tangail and Mymensingh. Reservations are usually not required in most restaurants.