Date your cabinet by style

Dating a singer sewing table

The lower number may be the

The machines were miles from completion, packing and delivery. The simple guide to dating your early Singer sewing machines. Then there is delivery to the depot, storage, sales to the shop, and eventually sales to the customer.

The lower number may be the total production run up until that number of that particular model range. Examine the materials and construction. There is a lot of controversy over why there were two lots of numbers.

Examine the materials and

Do keep in mind that the machine and cabinet may not have been sold together and that the machine could be older or newer than the cabinet itself. The company cleverly managed their production from all factories to coincide with the serial number flow. Sewing machines can typically be dated quite easily by serial number and manufacturer. Check inside any drawers and on the underside of the cabinet for this information. Look at the wood finish, details and general shape of the cabinet.

The production runs at factories like Kilbowie were complex and long. This can help you determine which treadle sewing machine cabinet is authentic versus a reproduction, or allow you to estimate a date. Look for a label or manufacturer on the cabinet itself.

Fiberboard construction places any sewing cabinet in the s at the earliest, while chrome and plywood were common in the s. During the s, many sewing cabinets had a knee-press option as an alternative to a foot pedal.