The finished pipe is shown below

Dating custombilt pipes

Mincer always seemed to be on the brink of going out of business, not meeting payroll and so on. There were also slight variations on these shapes. Stuart finished nearly all the pipes produced, mostly carved and textured bowls and the occasional straight grain. Claude made the Tracy Mincer Pipe Company a moderate success. Using hard bristled pipe cleaners, shank brush and alcohol, I cleaned out the mortise.

The interiors are now looking clean, smooth, solid and fresh. Based upon the documentation, it appears that Mincer made the pipe until the mid s, when National Briar Pipe Co. Currently, the Custombilt name is owned by Tobacalera of Spain.

Classic old Meerschaums have nothing on Custombilts. One wonders what difference could have caused such a radical change in price. This needs to be addressed.

Mincer always seemed to

It is a must for the serious pipe collector. Overall, this book contains a tremendous amount of information.

There were also slight variations on