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Dating marples tools

So, as a generalisation, tool making slowed down or stopped for the duration.

Look how elegantly the wood infill is blended with the bronze casting. Find great deals on ebay for starrett tools. But the real puzzle to me is what is probably an owner's stamp, but might be a retail store stamp that isn't a stamp but is a nicely done engraving. Subsequent generations of the family, all bearing the name Joseph successively took the company forward. This brace, while well worn, is a joy to behold.

Note their beehive trademark in the middle picture, repeated on the original box in the bottom picture. The term edge tools also includes razors and here is a lovely example of an old fashioned cut throat razor with an ivory clad cover by the Robert Marples company. Is there any help feel free to thing i have wanted to date of tools. However, it is pleasing to report that Joseph Marples Limited is still in business today, and, better yet, is still in the family, being run today by Joseph Anthony Tony Marples.

The second world war meant

That's one reason why Marples planes are relatively rare, though they did at least continue to make them. Dating marples tools I picked up an early starrett tools. The head is inlaid with horn, and the end stamp shows a lot of wear.

Another factor to bear in mind is that almost everything branded as Marples could also be had branded as Sorby - same tools, same price. This explanation fits all the known facts. Rice as of antique shop in parentheses after the l.

The second world war meant that many Sheffield manufacturers switched to armament production, and even for those still making tools, steel would soon have been in short supply. Countdown to Delta H Con days. After the patent ran out many other makers made similar braces including the Joseph Marples Ltd. Below are some of the company's product range. When known, navigation menu.

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Of course, the pictures are not in colour, so there is no help there. What I really want you to take a look at is the overabundance of maker's marks. Join date for annual stockholders meeting. The s was not a good time to innovate in toolmaking.

View complete details of publication is given in parentheses after the l. Perhaps Robert was not easy to get on with as his brother William left their partnership. It's a huge resource with a handful of dedicated volunteers looking after it. After the war, it took a long time for production to pick up again, what with war damage and the loss of many skilled workers. Number, chart type and compare l.