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All of these concoctions are similar but have important distinctions. Jelly has the smoothest consistency and is made by crushing a fruit and discarding the solid chunky leftovers.

The main difference between jam and jelly is that jam is made from crushed fruit while jelly is made from the juice of fruit. You have jelly, which is great for sandwiches, jam for muffins, and preserves for eating with a spoon when no one is looking. Jam is made from whole fruit, meaning every edible part of the fruit is involved, while jelly is made from fruit juices. While no longer a necessity, some older methods of storing foods became traditional delicacies. The juice is then heavily enriched with a variety of things, such as pectin, and then can be whipped or cooked down until it becomes extremely thick.

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Jelly is thicker as compare to jam. This leaves only the fruit juice, which is then mixed with a substance called pectin and heated to form the gelatinous spread.

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Unlike most all jellies, jam may not contain pectin, as the mashed fruit will often give it sufficiently good consistency for spreading. However, generally speaking, people call a fruit spread a preserve if the fruit chunks are somewhat large and it is called a jam if the chunks are relatively small and well mashed. Jam is made from crushed fruits while jelly is made from the juice of fruit.

Pectin is the substance which makes jam firm up into a gelatinous solid. Jelly can be made with fruit juice, or with liquid leftover from making jam. Most of the jellies contains pectin while jam may not contain pectin.

Unlike jelly, jam does not need added pectin, illustrating a major difference between jam and jelly. What it really comes down to is cooking method and consistency. Jelly Unlike jam, jelly uses the juice form of fruits.

Jams and jellies have about half the calories of butter or margarine and unlike butter and margarine, contain zero fat. Pectin is an indigestible carbohydrate, and thus is a good source of fiber in your diet. It can be made from sweet, savory or hot ingredients. Due to this fluid consistency, jelly can be made from various ingredients including vegetable juices, teas, liquors, and even edible flowers.

Once the fruit is softened, the jam can be canned and sealed, with some cooks processing their jam to make the texture more uniform. Food and Drug Administration, jam and preserves are to be considered the same thing. Jam Jam refers to a fruit made food that contains both the juice and flesh of a fruit or vegetable, although some cookbooks define it as a cooked and jelled puree. Because of their spreading nature, you can get quite creative with jelly and jam recipes. Not to mention that jam is especially used in fillings and desserts that need a thick spreading.

Specifically, jelly is made by crushing fruit, then straining out everything but the juice. Jam also contains fruit juice, giving the sweet goo an almost opaque appearance. You see, jam contains whole or cut fruits crushed together.