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Difference between verifying and validating requirements

It is about the evaluating the process and product in development. Instead, the asset has to be recycled for non-regulatory purposes. It explains if the outputs are according to the inputs or not. It is executed before validation process. It is termed as the dynamic practice to validate the end product.

This often involves acceptance

This often involves acceptance of fitness for purpose with end users and other product stakeholders. In contrast, validation is an extremely subjective process.

Verification can be in development, scale-up, or production. It is carried out with collaboration of developers and testing team.

In contrast validation

This mechanism is the process of inspecting the software in between or at the end of the development phase and making sure that the software must comply with the specified requirements. Validation activities include testing of the product itself. Accomplished via Walkthrough, Inspection and Code Review. To make sure that everything is going according to plan, you will perform the inspection activities to the process.