Patmore sure was upset about it

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Gregson died before Edith could tell him she was pregnant. It had a tongue in cheek element which set it apart.

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However, Lady Grantham recovers, and quite suddenly Lavinia worsens, and finally dies. While not explicitly diagnosed, Sybil Crawley most likely died of eclampsia, the medical term for seizures, coma and potentially death in a woman who has just given birth.

Daniel Pirrie as Major Charles Bryant

This may have had some effect on his choice. The only reason the character existed was to die and make Mary freak out about Henry. Patmore mistakes the salt for the sugar and sprinkles heaps of sodium on her lovely raspberry meringue pudding. And then a telegram arrives for Lord Grantham with breakfast.

Daniel Pirrie as Major Charles Bryant. And back to colours by September. In the end, with a bit of adrenaline to get his heart beating once again, the treatment is deemed a success. Patmore runs a tight shift.