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Steam page We could have included pretty much any Source engine game here, such is the impressive way it scales to lower-spec hardware. It involves wandering a dark wood collecting pages, avoiding Slendy, and its claustrophobia makes it genuinely difficult to endure. These sections intertwine with dream decisions, changing your character stats and options. Spelunky meets Contra in this murderous platform game where you explore one randomly generated level after another. It might be the most exciting studio in game development right now.

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Sid Meier's Civilization V. This creates a constant tension. Oleomingus A Museum of Dubious Splendors is both a storybook and exhibition space. You start out playing a simple text adventure, but inevitably start to get scary.

Your task is to grow the longest worm on the server. Superbly compulsive alone, but even more fun with a friend. Judging from what your asking, it would be one of the more ideal choices.

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Far better to gun them during a slow-mo dive off a balcony. Humble Store A bittersweet coming of age story about doing crimes, solving mysteries, and struggling to connect in an alienating world. It would spoil things to explain how, but you can experience it for yourself at twinbeard. Just like you would be in any other game.

Steam Off-Peak is like visiting a scrapbook made from a jazz fusion dream. You play a curmudgeon called Steggy who is on a mission to ruin Mandatory Singing Day with a song that will destroy the competition. Or to gaze into the abyss of inadequacy as you fail time and time again.

The original Mario Kart was one of the greatest racing games ever made, mixing intuitive controls with lots of tactical depth and a great range of weapons and power-ups. You live in your own farm cultivating and harvesting your fields, rearing livestock, and you use your time management and business skills to achieve success. In the story section we've stashed some smart, imaginative interactive fiction. Players must guide their character through a series of tricksy landscapes that combine optical illusions and the impossible architecture of an M.

So mass effect series as well as dragon age series should have this option. Original Sin, will need a bit more oomph in the specs department, others stick fairly close to the Infinity Engine blueprint. You should download Cheat Engine.

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Cyberpet Graveyard has a lot of components. Or, if you get a lucky combination, turn you into a murderous card god. So how are you supposed to work out what to play? Epic This phenomenally successful third-person shooter throws players into a map and shrinks the borders of the playable area until only one individual, or team, is victorious.

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Universal Paperclips When you start, you have zero paperclips. The drip-feed of its facets illuminates a search for the mythical city of Kayamgadh. You can still pause to think through your actions, but there's now an element of physical skill involved in wielding swords and axes and lances, which all have different attack animations.


Hyperrogue While the concept is mildly terrifying, in practice this is one of the more approachable roguelikes, as it streamlines the genre to focus on movement and combat. Humble Store A finely tuned platformer with approximately one billion levels. It has limited replayability though and is rather short. Can you survive their taunts and master muscle world? All the games in the list so far have been completely free.

To access all of the skills you will need to sub at some point, but there's a huge amount of game on offer before you get there. PoP may have been dissapointimg but lack of death had nothing to do with it. One of the longest-serving games on the esports circuit, the pro scene is largely over for StarCraft, but the top players can still make a few bob in the tournaments that remain. Other selections A few sites have covered this area already. Transport Tycoon was the ultimate dad game.

Warframe has been quietly growing in popularity as new updates and challenges have been added. It works for almost every game out there with the exception of online games, and some other games which use odd memory management which can be hard to find values for.

In this life simulation game, you play as a stranger who shows up in a new town and, due to some bureaucratic mismanagement, is immediately elected Mayor. Simple graphics ensure this one will run like a dream on your laptop, and it'll make long flights pass by in a snap. Steam The latest adventure game from Blackwell creators Wadjet Eye is one of its best, bringing in demons, exorcisms, and some light roleplaying elements that affect how the story plays out. This isn't to say it's not a looker or fun. Reminiscent of games such as Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander, Zero-K sees you commanding a robot army to take control of large maps.

It features many elements that remain in the Elder Scrolls series today, including guilds, enchanting and a reputation system. We've kept our visual novel recommendations light, but Danganronpa earns a spot by being the most talked-about, craziest Japanese visual novel of the past few years.

Try Call of Duty games, they usually are easy even on normal difficulty and have action movie type stories. Because they're not really games at all. It's one of the most intense competitive games around, and features a cosmetics-only microtransaction system.

Shadow of Mordor is often seen as easy, direct3d software for windows 7 but numerou button prompts and changing orc captains will likely frustrate. Don't those games have an easy difficulty setting?

If you want to drown in nostalgia, head here. These Monsters offers an intensely colourful art gallery and monster experience.

All you can do is guide your character around the world for a few minutes as your oxygen runs out. The tone will be familiar to fans of Night in the Woods, as will its mix of warmth and melancholy. Along the way, you solve simple puzzles, collect clues about your final destination, and if you're online and playing in multiplayer mode interact with other players who are doing the same thing. The beauty of this complex strategy game is that it teaches you so much about how science and culture develop, while providing an engrossing gaming experience.