Be individual with yourself

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If you have decided that living life alone is the best for you, I completely understand. For allowing yourself to become so engrossed in an acitivity that the whole evening melts away.

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The reason why i feel so alone is because i have not seen my family over a year now. Finances are hard because we shared everything but when she went into assisted living I stopped accepting money from her. So Im not sure what will happen.

The difference then was I knew he would be coming home and I knew that I could contact him at any time. As many of you have stated, the absolute worse is when you need to be hugged. Nonetheless I didn't give up.

My salary increased and I was able to rent a room on my own in shared house. The beauty of love is it grows even more when you share it.

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Once a person has experienced living alone, it really does change their life, from then on. There are times he gets critical with me and he can't do things for himself.

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It's not an either-or for me. Paper plates are wonderful. Maybe it's just I want someone to care about me and want to know whats going on in my day. There isn't a moment as I go from room to room in my home, that I don't appreciate having the house. Often they found themselves alone for one of the previously mentioned reasons and decided to stick with the solo life.