Fresh hot love affair with office staff

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Everyone comes out badly from office affairs, but women often emerge even more battered than men. McDougal, who described Trump as nice-looking, funny and respectful, said she was unaware that he might have been having another affair while they were together. Women often find themselves falling for men at work to whom they otherwise wouldn't give a second glance.

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There was nothing left between us. With both McDougal and Daniels suing to break confidentiality agreements that they say are shams, the wrangling in court could take years to play out. He asked for her phone number, then invited her to meet for dinner a week later at the Beverly Hills Hotel, she said.

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And after that point the slide down the slippery slope had begun.

Everyone comes out badly from officeMcDougal who described TrumpThere was nothing leftHere I was with this man