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Hook up honeywell thermostat, thermostat Wiring for Dummies – How Anyone Can Do It

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Thermostat Wiring for Dummies

Be sure to take a very conservative measurement on how long your new set of wires should be. Then take the labels and label each wire for the terminal where the thermostat wire was landed and note the color to the terminal for the wires you will soon disconnect.

This article is scheduled for a complete re-write. Make sure to tape completely over the wire ends, so no edges are present that can snag something. Then we match the other wires to their respective terminals. Now that the face plate is on, you're ready to plug it in and turn the airconditioning back on.

Then feed new wires with a fish tape Klein Tools. See the installation guide that came with the new thermostat for further instructions if anything is different. This will be a non issue to keep track of if a whole new set of thermostat wires is pulled. So the next thing you wanna do is put on the wall plate.

Again, before touching any wires make sure the power is off. Tug on it to make sure that it's in the right way. The next step is to push all the wires back into the wall and then you're ready to add the face plate. Restore power and test the system for proper operation.

It is best to place the thermostat in the same location as the old thermostat. Use electrical tape to secure if necessary. So these are the wires I have behind my old thermostat. This should be cut and dry as the old thermostat terminals should match up to the new thermostat terminal connections. Next, install the new thermostat onto the sub-base as per manufacturer instructions.

Take the piece of paper and pen or pencil and write down where each thermostat wire is landed on the terminal board. In the meantime, the following Q and A may address a very common issue. Any home improvement store should carry thermostat wiring. There are some other ways around this without using the power cord, but you might need to get an electrician to help.

For most split systems you will have two circuit breakers for the air conditioning and heating system. This article provides the basics of what to expect and look for when wiring a new or existing thermostat.

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These are important questions you need to be able to answer correctly to get the setup the right way. Mount the new thermostat sub-base using the same holes the old thermostat sub-base was mounted to and tighten it down until it is secure. Otherwise tag the wires before removing from the existing thermostat, or take note of the terminals each wire is attached to. Check your local home improvement stores, or local tool rental, for rental availability.

Honeywell Thermostat Wiring Instructions

Start at the thermostat location. Besides, you would have to pull new thermostat wire through the wall to relocate the thermostat and that is a big job for anyone. Be careful hot to pull the sub-base from the wall when taking the thermostat apart. If you have the original instructions for the old thermostat take a quick look at the installation instructions to how the old thermostat disassembles. Make sure you flip both of these breakers to the off position.

If wires pass through a floor and up into a wall cavity before reaching a thermostat. Once your wall plate is screwed on and level you're ready to put the wires into their ports.

Once you get the thermostat separated from the sub-base go to the next step of hooking up a thermostat. Below we will describe to you how to hook up a digital thermostat, hook up a programmable thermostat, china dating friendships dates or hook up any type for that matter.

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Thermostats need to be located in a strategic area of the home to be effective and work properly. The old holes should match up to the holes in the new thermostat sub-base so you will likely not need any new screws or anchors. Also check local electrical and lighting supply houses. You can use a pen or pencil and wrap one of the wires around the pen or pencil so the thermostat wire will not slip and fall into the hole in the wall. Be careful not to let the wire fall into the wall.

You can reference the thermostat color code chart to see what the thermostat wires are for, what the thermostat wires control, and to give you an idea of how to hook up the new thermostat. Now that you have the main thermostat separated from the sub-base you will see the wires hooked up to the terminals on the thermostat. The thing about this Honeywell Thermostat is that it needs a C wire to operate optimally. If you don't have the C wire, a really easy workaround is this power cord that Honeywell provides, but it's not ideal because it's a big power cord.