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My favorite flavor of ice cream is licorice. Are you a vanilla girl in bed? Perky might be a good word. But which ice cream parlor to go to? Sub Zero does and it's phenomenal.

The Ice Cream Theory

Steff Deschenes spends the first chapter explaining her theory, and then each subsequent chapter describes a flavor and compares it to a person. It is a hole in the wall kind of parlor.

Most of it was charming and easy to read through. It was two-thirty in the afternoon.

It's hard not to be when her stories pull you back into times in your past. Then she gets to the men boys in her life. If you're looking for something not only interesting, but entertaining to read, look no further! Yup, I'm a glutton for punishment!

Steff Deschenes spends the first chapter ex I'll say it. The people she brings to life in her stories really made an impression on me and, like I mentioned above, reminded me of people I've lost and found in my own life. Her stories are the perfect mixture of heartfelt and fun. Which is what you should do. Steff made me laugh out loud with her writing, especially when she would go off on random tangents.

Also, I wanted this first date ice cream choice to have some class to it. Sweets in general really, but ice cream remains my absolute favorite sweet treat out there. You'll laugh, herpatch gel za herpes dating you'll ponder and you'll come away wanting some ice cream!

Flavors like that for the adventurous taste buds. Funny how vanilla with hot fudge is still my favorite. It's simply a book of humor? So when I saw that this book was being offered for review, and I read the synopsis, I knew that I would have to read it.

The Ice Cream Theory by Steff Deschenes

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That just as we all have taste preferences for ice cream, we have people preferences for humans. One should always ask what their favorite flavor of ice cream is before accepting a date. There is no ice cream theory.

Right, yet actively chases away every opportunity at happiness. The first one of the season is always the best. And the t-shirt he was wearing already had stains on it and not from Rainbow Sherbet.

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Oh, my, one of my favorite flavors. The best part about this book is the way that it is set up. The Dairy Queen was out of the question simply because I save it as my personal ritual into spring. The end however, soured the entire experience. Simple, elegant and yummy.