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Keegan allen and troian bellisario really dating, relationship Timeline

However, he had too much of a heart to tell him. You had me in tears tonight. We just kiss all the time. The two tied the knot in a rustic ceremony near California's central coast in front of family and friends.

He tweeted happy Spobyversary. He mentions that they established a friendly connection right from the get-go.

They later smiled as she promised it was all fair in love and war since Keegs let her slap him for real a couple of times. Troian said that kissing Keegan was like talking and that it's like being in a longterm relationship with him. Going up to the stage Keegan had his arm around her and they were laughing. Congratulations sleepinthegardn and halfadams. They both said that they were one of each other's favorite people to hang out with on set.

Relationship Timeline

But I really liked it when I was like making out with Troian. This can be seen in countless bloopers from the show.

Troian stated that they connect in so many different levels and Keegan said in another interview that they connect really well and that she's great to work with. Keegan posted a keek of him and Troian with Spoby bears. Allen shared a heartwarming photo of the newlyweds, dressed to the nines in their own bohemian-inspired ensembles, sharing a kiss in front of the ocean. It doesn't show much, because after Troian shows him her phone, they burst out laughing. He then posted a keek of Troian singing to him and said that it was his best birthday present.

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Out of the cast he has the most videos with her. Funnily, the writers saw the two of them hanging out on set and thought it would be a great idea to bring Spencer and Toby together on the show. Most of the guests slept in small white tents during their trip.

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He mentions that baby-Troian was so cute.

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They are both crying and sobbing because it is Keegan's last day on set. While Ashley Benson videorecords this, Keegan and Troian hug each other very tightly for a very long time. Troian was the first one of the cast that said happy birthday to keegan, gulliverove cesty online dating and the only one that posted a picture.