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Embassy and demanded the return of Sanchez de Lozada and Berzain. But Bolivia is not known for drug-related violence, and the current Morales administration has continued crop eradication programs, even improving the interdiction process in the meantime. The legitimacy of these democratic processes has not been seriously undermined and there is no reason to deny that Morales represents an authentic majority of Bolivians.

Unless Sanchez de Lozada, Berzain, and U. Additionally, love sex and dating list Executive Decree was not presented to the public following proper legal procedures.

Aclaración Importante

Some plaintiffs have claimed that their loved ones were killed in their own homes, often located far from the scenes of actual conflict, by a single bullet fired from considerable distance. Furthermore, legally allowing Sanchez de Lozada and Berzain to remain in the U. The State Department finds it very difficult, indeed, to resist giving a political spin on issues that should otherwise rest on their legal merits.

There also have been accusations made of shootings from helicopters. From the onset, it was widely believed that Sanchez de Lozada had been or soon would be granted political asylum. The mainly indigenous demonstrators surrounded the U.

It has been further noted that only officers are normally trained as sharpshooters. Bloodshed, Flight, and Asylum In Bolivia, the year was filled with violence and chaos. Although Letters Rogatory have been dispatched from Bolivian courts to U. In granting Berzain asylum, the U. If incitements to violence can be reasonably proven, the case against the former president and his defense minister might be weakened or even thrown out.

Returning the erstwhile president and defense minister would send a message to Santa Cruz that negotiations over autonomy are necessary, while informing La Paz that the U. The lawsuit against Berzain was filed in a Florida District Court since the former defense minister now resides in Key Biscayne, Florida. While the matter is relatively unknown to the American people, U.

Implicit or explicit support from Washington gives the latter region every reason to dig in their heels while providing the former reason to eschew conciliation and to push a harder line. Sanchez de Lozada and Berzain are not unequivocally the same class of criminal as Carriles and Constant, but, as long as the U. It is not simply an academic exercise due to the fact that a formal extradition request from the Bolivian government can be expected soon and civil suits already have been filed in U. Both are accused by La Paz of ordering the use of flagrantly disproportionate and deadly force against the primarily indigenous protesters, who were wielding mostly sticks and stones.

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Berzain is further accused of intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent infliction of emotional distress, and negligence. It is noted that in Bolivia, usually officers, and not conscripts, carry automatic weapons. Washington has earned a reputation for supporting or going easy on some unsavory Latin Americans, and it further tarnishes its name when the U.