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Although, as we all know, Nicholas Sparks likes to write about the characters background and really want to make us connect in a way to them so, yeah, many descriptions. Driven by luck and determination, Logan Thibult is in a search for a woman in a photograph that he found serving war in iraq. If you enjoyed this story please consider leaving a review on Amazon.

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Bobby of Cloverfield Farm. Like many nicholas sparks book, the story is fully laden with melancholic and tear jearker moments. Read books and enrich yourself. They even spelled one of the main characters wrong Clayton was Cayton.

So when he was discharged, he searched for the woman in the picture and brings him to beth. Do you want to exchange books?

When luck seemed to follow Logan every where his friend was insistent that the photo was good luck and he would need to repay the woman someday. One of Nicholas Spark's better stories. Remember me Forgot password? Creo que Nicholas Sparks es mi autor favorito sin yo misma saberlo.

The love story is well done and as I said before not too soppy. It was an easy escape read, and the characters are all well developed. Maybe I'm too harsh, but that's my sum-up of this one. Read Books Online to Save Paper. My husband is better-looking by far.

Most have been shortlisted for prizes, many have won. Read Emily Bronte books online. He throws it onto the floor then reaches for his pistol. With slow, precise steps she approached the building, then drew her hand over the roughly painted numbers. On a side note I couldn't get past some of the writing.

Oh, and it kind of bugs me that he puts a full-blown photo of himself on the back cover of the book. Read The Time Machine online.

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Nicholas Sparks is not a good writer. The book gets three stars, however, because I did enjoy the story. Read Mark Twain books online. The Cloister and the Hearth.

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The book before that was already a disappointment, but I thought I should give him another chance. Logan then comes into her life and she experiences for the first time many things that she never had the chance to do. Anyway, on with the review.

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Read Jane Austen books online. The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks is a contemporary romance that was originally published back in but is now being republished. Home Movies The Lucky One. The Lucky One has everything I need in a book for me to be moved and emotionally kicked always in a good way, samp money hack of course.

Users who want this book I want the Ebook I want the Paperbook. He reluctantly believe its because of that picture. Definitely a great story from this great author. Which writer is mentioned in the book?

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Reading is food for the soul. However, Sparks has such a rich and inviting writing style that even with these reoccurring tragic endings, I can't help but fall in love with any and all of his books.

The Lucky One

He's gotta do better than this, though. Huge mistake, one I certainly won't repeat. So, my conclusion, I will never ever read a Sparks again.

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Understanding just how crazy it was, he sets forth on foot from Colorado to North Carolina in search of what very well may be his destiny. That's a healthy attitude. Read Leo Tolstoy books online. Educational Work of the Girl Scouts. In addition to that, I have a serious problem with some character point-of-view issues in this book.

There are no buildings left here. Logan faces the trouble of trying to tell her the reason why he's truly there and in the meantime falls in love with her. Between reading the blurb and seeing the trailer for the film, I knew exactly what I was in for and it delivered it well. Read books online to save the environment. Sparks is at his best when writing this novel.