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Parsons and Pervo argue that Acts should be viewed as a sequel to a Gospel. According to Pervo, an omniscient narrator, miracles, and the lack of a claim to objectivity are more typical of ancient novels fiction than ancient history writing. The objections to viewing Acts as a specimen of historiography are major.

Luke and Acts are legitimating narratives, most visible in the latter. Therefore Acts is not a novel. Had long viewed Acts as a Lieblingsbuch. Acts is best viewed as a response to contemporary issues rather than as an attempt to extract historical data from various scraps of tradition.

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Plus, the author of Acts is a reconciling Catholic, which is why, no matter what his sources say, his characters are going to wind up sounding largely the same. What do you think are the areas of Luke-Acts that require further exploration esp. Ancient novels are romances.

Cadbury, striking out his caution. How did you first get into study of Luke-Acts? Howard Marshall grasped the point of our project, which was to challenge overall unity as a presupposition.

Luke used a collection, evidently, of Pauline letters and Josephus. But then why the gap pointed out by Vielhauer? Appreciate the various strengths and degrees of expertise. Best would be a combination of Cadbury, Haenchen, dropping his sarcasm, and the Venerable Bede.

There I argue that Acts may have been used by Polycarp, c. Intertextual study has moved beyond mechanical source criticism. As James Orr once said concerning the Bible, it is such a great monument, why quibble over a couple of sandstone flecks in the marble foundation? Basically, the area must move from old arguments about Paul of Acts vs. The first eight chapters have limited historical value.

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The issue has been the range of comparison. No one, to my knowledge, has called Acts a romantic novel. The Literary Genre of the Acts of the Apostles already covered this ground. In this context, one suspects that there will be more appreciation for the novel contributions propagated in this volume.

Emendation is sometimes needed. All three are necessary, but the greatest of these is the poet. The legitimacy in question is that of gentile, Pauline Christianity from the perspective of Israelite heritage which some were ready to toss overboard. Note always that conclusions are not to be derived from what X said about Y, but what Y actually said.

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The objective has been to read Acts in terms of popular literature. Narrative unity is hard to argue, for two books use different methods and techniques. This is to say that history is neither so clear nor so convenient as writers may wish.

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Church must settle down in society without selling out to it. Let God worry about the end of the world. In so far as written sources were used, they mainly focused upon origins of the gentile mission, not the Jerusalem community. This is expressed by demonstrating continuity of several types, between Israel and the Church, Peter, James, and Paul, goals of imperial civilization and church. In Profit with Delight compared Acts with historical novels, but did not press the identification.

In this regard, this volume on Acts is a worthy represent ative of the Hermeneia series. Interaction with romantic novels is as early as the Acts of Paul. Arguments for generic unity exist, but the majority do not hold this view. His handling of syntax and text-critical issues are often quite insightful.

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In general text of Acts is difficult. Cannon wrote a novel called Pulptime featuring authors H. This is what I am going to do, how, and, most important, why. It would not be too much to regard the present volume as a timely sequel to Profit with Delight.

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How would you respond to critics? Prefer those that solve more problems than they create. One outstanding feature is that of pedantic copy editor sort of reader. Literary criticism that is sensitive not only to ancient rhetoric and modern methods but also to historical context. Luke prepared, in some way, D-Text because no one would have tampered with inspired literature.

He is a second-century Paulinist like the author of the Pastorals. This series is known for its comprehensive exegetical examination of the text and an emphasis of historical-critical concerns.

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But it is clear Richard Pervo can aim so high and manage to carry it off. My biggest complaint so far is that Pervo doesn't bother to defend his late dating of Acts, vianoce v bostone online dating pointing readers instead to his monograph on the subject.

Long range planning is in order. Orientation not unlike, mutatis mutandis, that of Middle Ages. Cannon knew Lovecraft only from reading his highly formalistic fiction and his light-heartedly slangy letters.

If the question is about the historical value of Acts, it becomes difficult. He is made to speak lines from Ephesians and Corinthians. How does Acts relate to history in your opinion? Another is in tune with trends of c.

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