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Jace and Lilith fight fiercely, until Lilith stops him by torturing Clary. Most of the records are in fairly good condition considering their age, although there are some documents that are virtually illegible. She gained her ability to create runes when Valentine fed her mother angel blood while she was in the womb. Using the bell given to her by Kaelie Whitewillow, a waitress and subject of the Queen's, she goes to the Seelie Queen's palace where she has to beg for help due to the limited resources.

She is also the sister to Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern. Clary is outraged by the news. Finally in City of Heavenly Fire, Sebastian has taken many shadowhunters and turned them into his endarkened.

He tells her of Ragnor's death and how he was called as a replacement, and requests that she find him the Book of White in return for his help. At the enchantment ceremony, she was surprised when Amatis was turned into a dark Shadowhunter by the blood of Lilith.

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When her mother Jocelyn goes missing, Clary learns that the event is connected to the conflict between the Shadowhunters and their enemies. Before she dies, Madeleine tells Clary she needs to find Fell, who will help her cure her mother. She and the group of Shadowhunters try to find hints to find her mother.

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Upper Canada Land Leases and Petitions Indexes

In the end of the second novel, Clary finds that an old friend of her mother, Madeleine, knows how to wake her mother, who has been in a magical coma since the first book. Clary and Jace reaffirm their love after she convinces him he is not a horrible person. Clary then tries to locate Jace to help him. She then learns that something called the Book of White has been hidden in Wayland Manor, and travels with Jace to retrieve it.

Clary steals the rings but doesn't give them to the Queen because of the appearance of Jace and Sebastian at the library, all healthy looking and safe. They return to see the Clave, and Clary uses her rune ability to create a binding rune, enabling Shadowhunters and Downworlders to share powers. But soon, Jace starts to behave strangely and avoids her, leading Clary to assume he wants to break up with her.

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She had called the security of the place before, and when they come, natural history museum speed dating she soon realizes that she is the only person able to see them. After all that Jace finally finds out what Sebastian did to Clary.

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She then enters the Shadowhunter fold, ther she finds that she also is a Shadowhunter. After spending days trying to find him they come upon his castle, a dark version of Alicante. She accepts it, knowing that she has to keep everyone safe. It is soon revealed that Sebastian is a spy for Valentine and that he tried to seduce Clary into teaming up with him.

By the consent of Brother Zachariah, she entered, hugging Jace and reaffirming their relationship. Upon summoning the angel, Clary changes the marks on Valentine's summoning circle, giving her the ability to control the Angel, and after Valentine is slain, she wishes to have Jace back.

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Sons and daughters of Loyalists gave their father's name. Inside the Manor, they find the angel Ithuriel tied up and left for dead in the basement.