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Romance is what first comes to mind, when I think of Rafi's songs too. It's going to take me a while to get through all of songs, but I wanted to say what a great way to list your favorites! This is superb - and there were some songs here which I hadn't heard, hindi songs without vocals let alone seen picturised. It is hard to separate the sight of Kapoor on screen from Rafi's voice. Rafi did not charge any fees for singing this song.

Can anybody identify the other singers? Its going to be a very useful resource for all my future Rafi posts. The only duet I could find online where Rafi sang with Noor Jehan. Besides, didnt we just agree not to diss our not-favorites?

Its so interesting to hear Rafi singing in English. Upload Photos Upload photo files with. Krishna was notoriously inconstant in affairs of the heart, so I wouldnt advise the use of his example to justify my doings. Even Madhubala is puzzled, and she only came over to hide behind the car. It is said that touched by the theme of the song, Mohd.

We'll contact you shortly. The fast paced, peppy song was an instant hit, especially with the youth and to this day is remembered as a cult number among the songs of Bollywood.

For over three decades, he was the singing voice of generations of heroes. For the lack of availability of these things, I dont hold the consumer responsible - because all we can really do is choose from what is available. They are both lovely songs.

Awesome post - and such an innovative way of showcasing some lovely songs! Perhaps Rafi's Best and most intense Song till Date.

Thats right, tell him off, bring him down a peg or two! Thank you for rating this Product. This is the most touching and emotional song that is played during wedding ceremonies. By submitting this form you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of Cinestaan.

It goes to the credit of that great lyricist, Sahir Ludhianvi, who summarised that effect into the Naya Daur song. Rafi as many of them stand at par with each other.

The song remains the only song for which Mohammad Rafi got a National Award, though many consider he deserved many more. But I was not aware of - or maybe had just forgotten - the date of his death anniversary, so this post was a nice surprise to me.

You have been loggedin via facebook. Whether with Rafi, someone else or solo, I'm an Asholater. That is the kind of dedication that brings out classics. Yet, it is this despondent song that strikes a chord among listeners till date. Thats what Johnny Walker is doing in a film that is also called Johnny Walker!

Top 50 Romantic Songs sung by Mohammad Rafi in 1960s 70s and 80s

Although Many versions of this song came. Two devoted nephews Raj Kapoor and Mahmood want their uncle to know that he can always believe them. But how can it stay secret when Rafi and Asha are broadcasting it to the world? Rafi could manage it with ease of a hot knife passing through a slab of butter. This is one among more than songs Mohd.

Top 50 Romantic Songs sung by Mohammad Rafi in 1960s 70s and 80s

The Romantic poet would have been pleased to hear the sad songs sung by Mohammed Rafi. Newer Post Older Post Home. While Burman was an impulsive genius who could create music out of empty glasses, Rafi would practise for two hours every morning without fail. Rafi brilliantly rendered the song, which many believed was sung by Johnny Walker himself. Rafi directly connects with your heart.

Can't wait to sink my teeth in it! Two brainy people Kishore Kumar and I. But then everything of Rafi's pres is a gem. What a majestic and versatile voice he had! And the lyrics hold true for them.

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Rafi Sahab does not need any further endorsement, but it was still nice to see the great Lata hailing Rafi Sahab as the greatest ever playback singer. The Amazing part of the movie was that it was written entirely in poetry. Only Kaifi Azmi could have done justice to the script.

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