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Please verify that you are an organic, carbon-based life form, not an automated computer program! Segoe Script Bold Microsoft Corporation. Hide Show Add to Favorite Download.

Use in control labels to make the text easier to parse. Ride my Bike Serif Latinotype. Gioviale Laura Worthington. Use sparingly to draw attention to text users must read. Always base your font colors and backgrounds off system theme colors.

Check it for free with Typograph. To reduce the weight of the presentation, the box may be displayed dynamically only when the editable text is selected.

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Volkart Indian Type Foundry. Always create new fonts based on proportional-sized variations of the system font. Free Segoe Ui Bold Italic fonts overview.

Disabled text Text that doesn't apply to the current context, such as labels for disabled controls. Fairwater Laura Worthington. Funkydori Laura Worthington. Document text Text used in documents as opposed to ui text. Light gray text with an arrow pointer, sometimes on a gray background.

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Links Text used to navigate to another page, window, or help topic, or initiate a command. Don't use except for links. Use of italic versions of these fonts is not recommended.

Normal text Ordinary read-only text displayed in a user interface. Petunia Great Lakes Lettering.

Document headings Text used as a heading within a document. Characters include letters, punctuation, and spaces. Use to refer to text literally instead of quotation marks.

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These links will take you from the Microsoft web site to a Monotype web site. Suit Sans Pro Just in Type. Beloved Laura Worthington. Meiryo includes Latin characters based on Verdana.

Typefaces are either serif or sans serif. Non-gray colors, especially blue and purple, indicate that text is a link.

Segoe Script Regular Microsoft Corporation. Emphasized text Bold text is used to make the text easier to parse and to draw attention to text users must read. Although Meiryo includes true italic and bold italics, tamilanda hd video songs these styles only apply to the Latin characters the Japanese characters remain upright when italic styling is applied.

Segoe Print Regular Microsoft Corporation. Segoe Print Bold Microsoft Corporation.

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Respect the user's settings by always using the system font, sizes, and colors. Boucherie Laura Worthington. Title bar text Text on the title bar that identifies the window.

There are new fonts, also optimized for ClearType, created for other character sets and uses. In fact, a gray background can be undesirable, especially for large blocks of text, because it suggests that the text is disabled and discourages reading.

Given the system font metrics, you can create bold, italic, larger, and smaller variations. Malgun Gothic, Microsoft JhengHei, and Microsoft YaHei are supplied in regular and bold styles only, meaning italic characters are synthesized by slanting the upright styles. Point size refers to the size of the font, measured from the top of the ascenders to the bottom of the descenders, minus the internal spacing called leading. If you want to create professional printout, you should consider a commercial font.

If you want to make sure users read your text, use dark text on a light background. Always match system text colors with their corresponding background colors. Use italic instead for emphasis. Readers generally prefer serif fonts used as body text within a document.

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Text is easiest to read when there is a large difference between the luminance of the text and the background. Group header Text used to group items in a list view.

Black text on a white background gives the highest contrast dark text on a very light background can provide high contrast as well. Not all fonts support bold and italic, so they should never be crucial to understanding the text. Contrast Text is easiest to read when there is a large difference between the luminance of the text and the background. Editable text Text that users can edit is shown in a box.

In traditional typography, a font describes a combination of a typeface, a point size, and attributes. Equitan Slab Indian Type Foundry. Serif refers to small turns that often finish the strokes of letters in a font. Read-only text traditionally has a gray background, but a gray background isn't necessary. Using too much bold lessens its impact.

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