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The work spans a ramp drive lane. As in the current invention, Plamondon teaches correlation of the average vectors as an initial step. This term is closely related to the time distortion criteria used by Livshitz et al.

This work will renovate and reconfigure a set of restrooms. This work is federally funded and includes the expansion of the building into a current void in the building in order to enlarge the existing restroom set. The nature of the correlation, therefore, is quite different.

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Dangled points are shown by a filled circle. There is no known prior art in this field, the choice dating results which uses this concept. Join us to learn about the road ahead.

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Description This application is a continuation-in-part of Ser. The second crucial difference with Livshitz et al is that they make their classification from the histogram of phase distortions, which uses only the timing information. The current invention uses a more complex function including correlation, distortion, bond and timing terms. In summary, there are two important differences between the approach of Livshitz et al.

The problem is a major one and it is estimated that some eight hundred million dollars are lost in this way annually. This work is on the ramp level of Concourse C. The drawback with the Livshitz approach is that the position in the test function giving the best correlation may not correspond to the optimal linkage between the functions. There is no counterpart to this energy in Livshitz et al.

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The distances of the several windows are then entered into a classification algorithm such as a histogram. It is only in the current invention that the two concepts of correlation and spatial distortion appear as separate and distinct terms and only the summed total is minimized.

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For example, the method of U. This difference is crucial. This presentation will provide an overview of those upcoming contracts. Washington State Convention Center Washington State Convention Center is developing a new facility to approximately double in size to meet the demand for meetings and conventions in Seattle. Variations in this method have been proposed.

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This concept is not relevant to the technique adopted in Livshitz et al. It is to be noted that while in Livshitz et al. Applying the Plamondon equations to Livshitz et al.