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SSAT Upper Level Practice Test

Try it free Explore plans. The Middle and Upper Level tests include an additional, second quantitative section, as well as an unscored experimental questions section, which aids test makers in developing future tests. This section will provide you with information regarding your performance in each section of the test. Students can also take the exam during one flex date.

International fees are higher. While students can bring their cell phone with them, it must be turned off. Our study guide is full of helpful test information including a comprehensive verbal, quantitative, reading, and writing review. Test-taking is a skill that can be learned.

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Use these insights to guide your practice and test goals. Personalized prep Receive recommendations for best next steps, music you can to your phone dynamically created as you practice. Our full-length practice tests simulate the official testing experience so that students know what to expect on test day.

Requests for Sunday testing must be made at least three days prior to the test date. Each of the results pages for the complete tests include thorough explanations of the correct answers and important information on critical concepts. Requests for other special accommodations must be made at least two weeks prior to the test date.

Choose the level you are preparing for. From the scaled score, a percentile score is calculated, which gives a student's score as a percentage above others who took the same test.

Free SSAT Practice Test

Succeed with data-driven practice Our full-length practice tests simulate the official testing experience so that students know what to expect on test day. Our system provides practice tools to develop test-taking skills. Click here to share your results on Facebook. The test time includes a five-minute and a minute break. Registration for a test closes three weeks before the test date.

We hope you enjoy our products! We are open Saturday and Sunday! Additionally, you can utilize these tests to work on your timing, and get some valuable insight into what the actual exam is like. The guide also includes a unique video tutorial that helps reinforce learning.

As with all standardized tests, familiarity with the test format and question types tends to help test takers improve their scores. Mometrix has the study materials you need. Click to share with specific Email friends via direct message. Students can take Standard tests as many times as desired. Late registration is available for an additional fee.

Free SSAT Practice Tests

Admission officers use the test as one part of the admission process. Explanations are given for each question, so if you miss a question, you can find out where you went wrong. You can then utilize the results to create a personalized study plan that is based on your particular area of need. This guide also contains information on some excellent study materials that can help students prepare for this challenging exam.

This information can be very valuable in regards to which test-taking strategies you employed ie. Timing analysis Gain critical time management skills. Click here to share your results on Twitter. Track your scores, create tests, and take your learning to the next level!

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Scoring diagnostics Visualize your strengths and weaknesses to target areas for improvement. How it works The Test Innovators system guides students through the preparation process. Join the thousands mastering test-taking with us. This includes all electronics.

SSAT Practice Tests

If you benefit from these materials, just click the link below! Adaptive Our system constantly improves by learning from tens of millions of answered questions. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time before the test. These locations vary by state.

The tests make it simple for you to determine where you should focus your review, as the results can aid you in creating an individualized study plan. Try it free Explore plans Or call us at to get your questions answered right now. Elementary Level testing has two fewer dates, beginning in December. Personalized Recommendations for next steps target areas for improvement. Guaranteed to raise your score.

Parents can test students anytime and anywhere with this easy, portable tool. These are the perfect study materials.

This is an estimated range that your scaled score fits into, in order to account for fluctuation of scores in subsequent tests due to the inability to estimate your proficiency perfectly accurately. The experimental section contains a mixture of quantitative, verbal, and reading comprehension questions and is not scored.

Students are not allowed to bring any personal items into the test room. Ready to improve your scores? Learn how to effectively use your limited time on each test section.