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Also, Dylan tries to help a jealous Erica accept her mother's new chemist boyfriend, Kevin. Her mother Darlene worries that Heidi would sacrifice her dream wedding by simply legalizing it in a courthouse. So, Dylan asks Kevin if he could act as his beneficiary to open up his own chemical clean-up company, while Kevin also announces his engagement to Suzanne.

Meanwhile, Kelly and Brandon are furious when Dylan refuses to fund Lucinda's documentary film. Steve's jilted date, Laura, won't stop calling him.

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Brandon travels to Washington D. While Lauren encourages her to try a new relationship, Audrina and Justin continue to see each other. An intoxicated Heidi and Spencer elope during a surprise vacation to Mexico. Pratt eventually convinces Heidi to ask Holly to find another residence.

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Meanwhile, Brandon tries to get close to Jill who wants to take things slow, and it unwittingly creates jealousy with Steve. However, Stephanie is concerned that Heidi will disown Holly, similar to her experience with Spencer after befriending Lauren. Stephanie claims that she was being used by Doug to seek revenge against Lauren, though they continue to make plans together. Kelly also confesses her kiss with Brandon.

The Hills (season 4)

Elsewhere, Kevin and Suzanne get married in a semi-formal ceremony where he persuades Dylan to cut out any outside investment in their business offer. Steve continues to clash with Sears over Celeste's affections. Meanwhile, Jesse and Andrea meet with her grandmother to get her blessing before their wedding and reception at the Peach Pit. Meanwhile, Brandon is asked to be a candidate for a college task force on education to go to Washington. Steve runs into Celeste who's now with John Sears.

Also, Brenda gets a surprise visit from a long-absent Stuart on Valentine's Day. Meanwhile, D'Shawn attempts to blackmail Brandon to take his mid-term paper when he thinks that Lucinda and Brandon are involved.

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Meanwhile, Laura wants to see more of Steve, who tries to keep things between them under wraps. After mistaking a woman at a rural filling station for his former girlfriend, Emily Valentine, Brandon decides to visit Emily's home in Marin County north of San Francisco.

Meanwhile, Andrea and Jesse experience the joys and fears of parenthood for their premature daughter. Audrina prepares to move into another house, which she hopes will strengthen her bond with Justin.

Beverly Hills (season 4)

The Walshes trip to Hawai'i doesn't go as planned when their plane is turned around due to technical problems. Dylan decides to buy a new car, regardless of the price. Lauren is enraged to learn that Audrina believes rumors that she and Justin hooked up with each other.

Meanwhile, Audrina and Justin travel to Palm Springs for vacation, where he gives her a commitment ring. But when Brandon learns and relays to Steve that the campus police were anonymously tipped off to Steve's break-in, Steve realizes that Sears had set him up. Brenda balks when she is asked to appear nude in an experimental campus play. Heidi Montag remains estranged with her former friends Conrad and Patridge, and is employed by event planning company Bolthouse Productions. Also, Brenda and her parents are invited over for lunch at Stuart's parents house in Bel Air, as his romance with Brenda begins to really take off.

In the two-part season finale, Brandon goes to Washington D. At a pool party for the college freshmen, Steve decides, but can't bring himself, to break up with Celeste. Meanwhile, Clare Arnold arrives on campus and takes extreme measures in her pursuit of Brandon.

When Brandon confronts Lucinda that she tried to seduce Dylan just to get a money grant for her film, she shows no remorse over it and finally tells Brandon that she does not believe in monogamy. But Emily does not reveal that she must move away in a week.

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The Unauthorized Melrose Place Story. Meanwhile, David and Donna seek out some affordable housing on the beach. Heidi's family, friends, and co-workers disapprove of her elopement with Spencer.

Lo Bosworth is Conrad's best friend and third housemate, though Patridge sees her as a distancing factor in her friendship with Conrad. Before leaving the house, she and Lauren promise to maintain their friendship. Stephanie finds herself in conflict with Spencer after their earlier discussion regarding her friendship with Lauren, while Brody cautions Lauren of his distrust in Stephanie.

Brandon observes her passion for marine biology and encourages her to pursue her dream. Patridge expresses concern that Bosworth is becoming a distancing factor between herself and Conrad. But things go south when she finds herself competing against Kelly for the lead. Montag and her boyfriend Spencer Pratt are disliked by the majority of the cast, who look to disassociate themselves with the couple's antagonistic antics.

Jim also finds out about Stuart's prenuptial papers and asks Dylan to look into Stuart's background. Kelly tells Dylan that they should start seeing others as a result of her growing relationship with John Sears. Steve decides to take his suspicions about John Sears to their fraternity chapter president. Lauren feels bad that Heidi has lost most of her friends, but is displeased that Heidi tries to blame all of her problems on Spencer instead of taking responsibility for her own actions.

Brenda returns to Beverly Hills to find her bedroom taken over by Brandon and her parents angry that she dropped out. After working all summer at the Beverly Hills Beach Club, Brenda leaves Los Angeles to go to college in Minnesota and finds that her old friends now see her differently. List of The Hills episodes. All four main cast members retain their positions during the fourth season of the series. Having dated during their teenage years, fanfare for the common man Reinhardt also briefly dated Conrad in the beginning of the season.