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Prelude and I was wondering if you could send me the product key. Don't deny viruses in software but that is usually a case of deliberate malicious actions by hackers taking advantage of innocent folks to spread their mayhem.

Maybe they have faulty machines. Game is free on Steam now. Proper file, easy to instal! Can anybody tell us why this? Well first congratulations on the upload speed guys, never seem anything like it.

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Has anyone else encountered this problem? Other than that, it works fine.

Thank you so much for this game. Trust me folks, it works, is not as difficult to get installed and running as everyone is making to be and computers crash all the time for any number of reasons. And I already finished the game, it's really great! Was gonna buy the game on xbox live market.

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Works great in Wine on a Mac, in case anyone was wondering. Ok so i get on the game but i dont get the white screen thing. When i hit the exe i can hear files being processed but it remains a black screen, nothing more. Find that song you only remember a few words!

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This installed and worked for me for the most part but it is still garbage. Been playing it for a while now, and have had no problems. But thank-you it works amazingly. All other key changes work. How can I use an Xbox controller with this?

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Anyone knows how to change it without starting the game? This also happened to me with the Dopeman upload. When I start the game, I hear the sounds but the picture is just white. Kinda wishing now I'd bought a gamepad when I had the chance.

This worked absolutely flawlessly for me! Never mind, got it working. Int this game you are a test subject for appeture science labs.

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Only bad thing is that the game ends way too fast, finished it in few hours. It's a quirk to be aware of but not really problematic.

But being the illiterate leech that you are, this whole post is redundant. They want you to buy points so you can spend on the game. If it gives you some crap about gameinfo. To all those saying the game is crashing your computers, I doubt it's the program because mine crashed a couple of times too but that happened before I downloaded it as well, not sure why.

Subtitles don't work at all. Sigh, same white screen shit as other people, tried all solutions, none of which work. Neo, thank you so much for this game. So that the game would recognize them as the language files but texts would be in Spanish instead of in English.

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MichealG, what DirectX does the it say you have? Ok I installed and had no problem. But I can say for a matter of fact that it works. My computer is infected and this is the last thing i downloaded. Hey, does anyone know if this has the SourceMods folder?

As soon as you step through the first portal, the game crashes. What is going on, and how do I fix it? Had problem installing that was an easy fix. Just installed and played. It works great and it's a fun game!

This torrent haves the new ending? The game starts ok its just when I walk through the first portal that it crashes, can anyone tell me if I stand any chance of geting this game to run on my computer? As for the previous question, pravoslavna muzika the Portal non-steam installer answered it for me.